AniView 1.5.3 - Release

CodeDead | May 18, 2019 | C#, News


AniView 1.5.3 has just been released! This release uses the latest and greatest version of the .NET Framework (4.8). Because of this, AniView should work better with multiple monitors and different DPI settings!

If you get prompted to install this version of the .NET Framework when opening AniView, you might get redirected to a previous release (most notably .NET Framework 4.7.2). This appears to be a bug in Windows which will probably get fixed in a Windows update. In case you’re looking for the download link: you can install .NET Framework 4.8 here. Microsoft will (or already does by the time you’re reading this) offer the .NET Framework 4.8 in a Windows update.

We’ve also used a new installer setup which comes with a lot more options. We do recommend that you manually uninstall the previous version before installing version 1.7 or higher. This can be done in the Windows control panel.


  • Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.8
  • Fixed an issue with exporting multiple times
  • Improved multimonitor DPI support
  • Updated documentation
  • Included latest theme version
  • Included latest UpdateManager version


You can download the latest version of AniView by clicking on the following link: AniView


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need help.