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AniView is a free and open source GIF image viewer. You can watch GIF images your way, thanks to all the options that are available in AniView.

AniView main window
AniView settings

Want a different theme or would you like to disable automatic updates? Don’t want your GIF’s to loop? It’s all possible, thanks to our intuitive and easy to use GUI.

Frame extraction

As an added bonus, you can also extract each individual frame inside a GIF image to a format of your liking. Particularly interesting if you’re only interested in a single frame.

AniView image

What others say

A humdrum GIF viewer with a surprising amount of customization options

" To change the format, simply visit the app’s Settings section. Since we are on the subject, from the General tab, you can enable or disable the following features: automatic updates, drag and drop functionality, automatic window resizing, full-screen support. What is more, you can also change the repeat behavior or even create custom ones.

Despite its simplicity, you might be surprised to hear that the app also comes with a few UI customization options. For example, within the Theme Tab, you can change the app’s interface style, the metro brush’s color and even the border thickness. "

Vladimir Ciobica

Softpedia editor