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Scan for open TCP/UDP ports


Port scanning

Scanning TCP and UDP ports has never been this easy. Watch how Advanced PortChecker updates you with real-time information while it’s scanning!

Advanced PortChecker main window
Advanced PortChecker settings

Need a specific time-out set for port scanning? Want a different theme or would you like to disable automatic updates? It’s all possible, thanks to our intuitive and easy to use GUI.


Advanced PortChecker can export any and all data that it finds for you in a couple of different formats including: HTML, CSV and of course plain text.

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Handy tool providing you with results in real time

"On an ending note, Advanced PortChecker is an easy-to-use program helping you effortlessly find open ports you can connect to. It can spot both TCP and UDP ports, letting you compile them in lists you can subsequently use, but its core advantage is that it helps you see the potential of your network in real time."

Anca Roman

Softpedia editor