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Password generation

Easily generate thousands of passwords using the options that are available in Advanced PassGen. You can even go so far as to define your own character set that Advanced PassGen can use to generate passwords!

Advanced PassGen
Advanced PassGen settings

Want a different theme or would you like to disable automatic updates? Don’t want to export a certain field? It’s all possible, thanks to our intuitive and easy to use GUI.


Advanced PassGen can export any and all data that it generates for you in a couple of different formats including: CSV, JSON and of course plain text. A simple copy is also available!

Advanced PassGen advanced settings

What others say

Generates various passwords based on the specified parameters

"This application allows you to generate multiple passwords with ease, by defining a series of parameters. It is possible to toggle the inclusion of several elements within your passkeys, such as uppercase or lowercase characters, symbols and numbers.

Additionally, you can define the minimum and maximum string lengths for your entries, specify a custom character set or generate a random seed. It is also possible to specify a fixed string length size and the amount of passwords that the application can generate during a session."

Vlad Constantinescu

Softpedia editor