PK Finder

PK Finder

Recover your Windows Product Key today, for free!

DeadLock main form


Unlock files or folders that you’re unable to delete, copy, rename or move using DeadLock!



A lightweight GIF Image Viewer!

Advanced PassGen main form

Advanced PassGen

Advanced PassGen is a free utility that can help you generate passwords.

Advanced PortChecker main form

Advanced PortChecker

Check if a certain TCP/IP port is open or not!


PK Finder is a reliable tool for retrieving Windows keys. In case you want to reinstall your operating system but cannot find or extract the serial key through the traditional methods, then perhaps PK Finder could come in handy.

Alexandra Sava

Softpedia editor, Softpedia

To sum it up, DeadLock is a lightweight application that allows you to unlock files that are restricted by certain processes on your computer in a convenient, effortless manner. It comes with a minimalistic, yet efficient user interface and despite its simplicity, it also features extensive help documentation.

Vlad Constantinescu

Softpedia editor, Softpedia

Taking everything into consideration, AniView is not what you would call an impressive application even though, we must admit, it does its job quite valiantly. If you are looking for a simplistic GIF viewer with a lot of customization options, which allows you to export any GIF’s frames to a some of the most popular graphic formats, then AniView is definitely worthy of your attention.

Vladimir Ciobica

Softpedia editor, Softpedia

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