Let’s get started shall we. We’re all about transparency. That is why our applications are always open-source and compiled as-is. There are no hidden fee’s or trackers in our software. There’s a good reason for that too. Not only do we not want your money by means of adware or other dubious methods like including other products in our installers, we want you to know exactly what we know about you. Donations are still welcome though ;).

We’re not huge fans of collecting massive amounts of data on the people who use our applications and browse our website so we’re going to be brutally honest about the things we collect, by choice, and simply because of our server logs. Also, no, we do not incorporate any governmental back-doors.

Google Analytics

This is an external party we use to collect information on the usage of this website. This data is kept privately (on our side) and does not get shared with anyone other than the owners of this website. This includes information such as:

  • How you found our website (referral, direct, search, social media,…)
  • Which pages are popular
  • The duration of a visit
  • General information about our demographic
  • Etc.

Take a look at google’s privacy policy to find out more.We don’t export this data to any hard drives or sell it or anything. This information is quite useful for our applications in the following sense:

  • Translations: if we notice that a certain country is using our site very frequently, it’s always a plus to have translations ready for that specific country
  • Insight: We’d like to know how active our brand is on the internet and how people respond to us on Social Media
Server logs

Server logs are data that is automatically collected by our server when you visit our website. This includes our software that can periodically check for updates. This includes information such as:

  • The date and time of the visit
  • The duration of the visit
  • The URL’s that were consulted
  • Your IP address
  • Headers that get sent to us by your web browser such as the user agent, the protocol that was used etc.

This information is mainly used to calculate download statistics of our applications. It does not get used to personally identify anyone. This information does not get sold to any third parties or used for any other activities other than bragging about how many people downloaded our software to our friends and family.

Periodically, we also have to fight off attacks and hacks using these logs. This usually means blocking the malicious attacker as soon as possible. We’re gonna be honest here: if you attack us, there’s no question that your information will be reported to the right authorities instantly. If you have a problem with that, we suggest you do not launch any attacks against us (Sorry, hackers, but we’re not sorry).


It’s quite possible that you have to send us a mail, contact us in order to get support or if you happen to have any questions. These emails are stored on our server and includes information about you such as your email address, your name and the email headers that are sent to us (that’s just the way the mail protocol works).

Your emails are not shared with third parties. They are not going to be sold to anyone and you will not be subscribed to any newsletters or the likes (who likes those, anyway?). Yes, we periodically clean out our mail boxes, so we can’t really say how long we keep the information for. Sometimes it’s only for a couple of minutes, other times it’s useful to keep the mails so that we can diagnose problems.

That's it?

Yeah. That’s it. We’re not internet gangster collecting tons of e-mail addresses or data in order to send you spam or newsletters. That’s not how we want to work and behave. Our only source of income are your generous donations.

If you have any questions, you’re always free to contact us.