New website layout

CodeDead | February 02, 2021 | JavaScript, HTML, News


Gatsby + React

If you're a frequent visitor of our website, you might have noticed that we've switched over to an all-new design.

The previous version used WordPress to both manage and display the content on and off our website, but performance wise, WordPress is quite heavy and slow.

In fact, we had a very low score on Google PageSpeed Insight for both mobile and desktop devices and as such, we decided to rework the entire site using GatsbyJS, React and Material-UI.

One thing to note is the increased performance: Our site will load approximately 3 times faster! In addition, the entire website is completely open-source, meaning you can edit, build and even host your own instance!

You can find the source code of this very website here: GitHub


Some functionalities might still be missing at the time of this post, but bear with us while we update and improve the site and our server even further!

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on Twitter, GitHub or via e-mail.