Opal 1.0 - Release

CodeDead | October 03, 2021 | Java, News



It's been a while since we released something new, but after lots of testing and development cycles, please welcome Opal into our software catalog!

Opal is an application that is written in Java and uses JavaFX to display the user-interface and it is designed to play relaxing music for Windows, Linux and macOS users. For the initial release, you have access to 14 sounds, that you can play for however long you like.

As always, Opal is a free and open-source application; meaning you don't have to pay us a single cent to download, run and use Opal.

We hope you enjoy using Opal!


You can download the latest version of Opal by clicking on the following link: Opal


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need help.