MemPlus 1.3 has just been released. We’ve listened to your feedback and implemented many features that were requested to us by the community. We’ve also added a few new things and changed the UI a bit to make it more user friendly. We’ve edited the system requirements since it was estimated to high. Turns out, after extensive memory profiling, you need less RAM to actually run MemPlus!

For a full list of changes, please take a look at the change log posted below.

Change log

  • Added ability to set a hotkey for memory clearing
  • Added ability to automatically run MemPlus as administrator
  • Added ability to clear the clipboard
  • Added ability to hide RAM statistics in main window
  • Added a setting to hide MemPlus instead of closing the application
  • Added a setting to hide the RAM Gauge
  • Improved exporting performance
  • Improved RamController performance
  • Fixed RAM statistics not being displayed in notify icon on startup
  • Fixed notify icon remaining visible after closing MemPlus in some cases
  • Fixed scrolling with mouse wheel not disabling auto scroll in Log Window
  • Fixed an issue with the clear memory button being unavailable if an error occurred during memory cleaning
  • Minor design changes
  • Included latest theme version
  • Updated help documentation


If you want to download MemPlus, you can do so here:


Do you have any suggestions for our next release? Feel free to comment below to let us know or send us an e-mail!

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