PK Finder

Product key

Easily recover your Windows Product Key with PK Finder. As soon as you open PK Finder, you’ll be able to view your product key.


Want a different theme or would you like to disable automatic updates? It’s all possible, thanks to our intuitive and easy to use GUI.


You can export your product key in any of the supported formats, including: HTML, Excel, CSV and of course plain text format.

Automatic updates

PK Finder will automatically notify you if there’s a new version available so that you’ll always be the first to enjoy the latest and greatest features. Also, keep an eye on our blog!

A reliable tool for retrieving Windows keys

In case you want to reinstall your operating system but cannot find or extract the serial key through the traditional methods, then perhaps PK Finder could come in handy.

Alexandra Sava

Softpedia editor, Softpedia

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