PK Finder is a free application that can help you recover your Windows Product Key in case you forgot it, are unable to access it or simply for testing purposes. This application will only work for legitimately activated Windows devices.

PK Finder is especially important if you’ve made the free upgrade to Windows 10 or bought Windows 10 from the Windows Store without recieving a product key. If you ever need to reinstall Windows 10, you won’t be able to enter a product key because you simply never had access to it. With PK Finder, you can rest assured that you’ll have your product key and have peace of mind. Even better, it won’t cost you a dime. This application is as free as free can be!


tick_32 Recover your Windows Product Key
tick_32 Copy your Windows Product Key
tick_32 Export information as TXT file
tick_32 Automatic updates
tick_32 Works for Windows 10 and below


PK Finder


Download installer

Download portable

Click here to download the manual

Click here to download the license

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